Arbonne Party

It’s no secret that I am a person obsessed with discovering some of the best, newest and most amazing products out there. So, I was excited when one of my good friends introduced me to this amazing line of products from a company called Arbonne. Now, when I find a beauty product I like, I’m usually a ‘lifer’. It takes a lot of convincing for me to try out something new. For example, I still use the same brand of Clean & Clear face wash that I started using back in middle school. No idea why, but I’m convinced nothing else works better than it for my skin.

Anyway, back to Arbonne. Tonight my friend and I are hosting our first product party. In the spirit of all things beautiful and new, what better complement to it than a beautiful cookie? Their logo is striking, yet simplistic and translates well onto the cookie so it was a super fun and easy creation to come up with!




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