Cute as a Button

I’m constantly looking for excuses to bake and decorate cookies. Recently I found the perfect excuse to get creative. My friend and I planned a trip to go and visit a girlfriend of ours who recently moved out of state and I figured nothing could cheer her up more than a few creative cookies. I found inspiration from Sweetsugarbelle’s blog post on how to use a star shaped cutter 20 different ways. I loved the little fox faces that she made. It was super creative so I knew I had to give it a whirl!


Along with the fox cookies, I had been dying to try out some button cookies I had found on a few other blogs. There are a million ways to decorate them, so this was my take on them!


I outlined and flooded the round cookie. Let them dry for about an hour and then went back and outlined them again to give them more dimension. After allowing them to dry for a few hours I added in the black accent in the middle before packing them up for the trip to MN!

I’m happy to report that none of them broke and they were very well received :) here is my friends Instagram picture of them.


Speaking of Instagram, make sure to follow me at: hmueller2485


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