I can hardly believe it, but my little niece is turning the big 2 this Sunday. Over the last year she has flourished into this amazing, spunky and all around adorable little girl. I was thrilled when I received her party invitation in the mail. My niece is obsessed with Elmo….so much so, she was Elmo for Halloween.


How adorable right?!

I volunteered to make cookies and ran online and got the cookie cutter I needed. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be using this cutter a lot in the future.

The key to a good Elmo cookie is the black outline. I started by using a #1 tip and outlined all of the fur.

I let that dry overnight. There’s nothing worse than rushing the process and having the black bleed into the rest of the cookie! If you can’t wait that long, I highly suggest using a small oscillating fan. It shortens drying time and oddly enough adds a nice shimmer too (bonus!)

Next, use a #3 tip and flood in the face with red.


Follow with the yellow nose and white eyes. Once again after flooding everything I let it dry overnight. The next morning I added in the black to the eyes and put them by the fan to dry quickly.

Here are the final products!




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