Cookie Packaging & Presentation

As the famous saying goes ‘you eat with your eyes first’. So as a cookie decorator, you put a ton of time and effort into crafting beautifully intricate mini works of art, only for it to be presented in a lack luster disposable plastic container? No thank you. Presentation is a key component to any baker’s repertoire (whether you are a professional or not).

I was recently perusing the Target clearance aisles right after Christmas and ran into this beautiful box for a dollar. You can’t go wrong with that price … and I’m a sucker for anything on sale, especially if it has tons of glitter on it.


I also have a few great items that I can’t help but buy when I take a trip to Michaels. The Martha Stewart line of packaging products are totally gorgeous and create a truly special experience for the recipients of your treats.


Also, I think these boxes are adorable from Martha Stewart as well. Can you tell that I’m looking for any excuse to use my new camera?


I recently discovered this great company via Instagram (which reminds me…make sure to follow me @cometcookies). I recently ran into this adorable idea that is perfect for presenting just about any small cookie you can think of. Bake It Pretty is amazing so make sure to check out some of their other options too.


Buying boxes can get a little pricey at times, so when I find printables, and even better free printables, I have to share the discovery. Thanks to Pizzazzerie for these cuties!



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