Valentine Heart Cookies

We’re just under one month to February 14th and I’ve been dreaming up some fun decorating ideas pretty much since my last batch of Christmas cookies were packed and gifted.

I recently made a trip to Sur La Table and came out with some amazing fluted cutters. I’m semi-obsessed with them, so I had to make a few of those in this batch of heart cookies too.




I went out and purchased food markers a while back, but had only used them as a guide for frosting and decorating cookies. I figured they needed their moment to shine, so I decided to use them to create an ultra mod herringbone pattern. Here's how you can create the look.

Start with a flooded cookie and draw straight vertical lines (you can make them however thick or narrow you would like). Next, draw angled lines down one column.


Draw a second set of angled lines in the opposite direction right next to it and continue this pattern down all of the columns. Mine is not perfect by any means, I chose to do this free handed. However, if you want a more precise look, use a KopyKake projector or a ruler if you’d like. I’m all for asking Wilton to come up with a finer point marker instead!



Next up I decided to finally use a fun little item I bought a while back. I remember finding this type of cookie on Pinterest and was amazed at how cool they ended up looking, so I had to try it myself (and its super easy to do!)


Once again, start with a flooded cookie in whatever colors you’d like.


The first one I made was a simple outline. I used a #2 piping tip in white and made an outline around the heart. After allowing it to dry briefly, I took the cookie and held it at a 45 degree angle and lightly misted it with the pearl color. Make sure you have something underneath otherwise you’ll be trying to clean up pearl mist everywhere!

Here’s the final product!


I ended up trying a few other ideas as well, but my favorite by far was this paisley one.



Go out and buy this inexpensive pearl mist and make some elegant and easy cookies for your Valentine!


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