Easter Cookies

Even though we recently got 8 inches of snow, I can’t resist the urge to turn my thoughts to all things spring. Our newly landscaped backyard received a fall planting of multi-colored spring bulbs that I can’t wait to see this year! Until that happens (and since we live in Wisconsin, it may be another 2 months) Easter cookies will have to do the trick.

I assessed my ever expanding collection of cutters and realized the only Easter worthy cutter I had was a rabbit. Even though I feel that new spring cutters would be worth the investment, I don’t know that my husband would agree with the amount of closet real estate they would take up. So with that in mind, I got creative and all of the cookies I created were multi-purposes from ones I had laying around.

First up are these chicks. I found the pack of number cutters I had and realized the zero had a lot of uses. These cute little guys are the result.


Next up are the ever popular Easter eggs. Even though these look ornate, they are easy to make. Outline and flood your cookie with a #3 tip and let dry. Using a #2 tip with the same flood color draw slightly curved lines from the top to the bottom of the cookie. Finally with a #2 tip in a different color, add in the small dots between and you’re done!



The little rabbits are the next ones to tackle. First you will want to pipe the tail and add whatever decoration you want. For these, I used white nonpareils.


Next, outline and flood with a #3 tip.



While the icing is still wet, add in large and small dots with different colors. That’s it! Super easy!


Lastly, I had to make carrots for my rabbits. Only problem, I don’t have a carrot cutter. In comes the candy cutter for Christmas!


When you are cutting out your dough, take a knife and simply cut off the one end into a sharp point and voila! Carrots!


These cookies got boxed up as gifts to friends this weekend. Hopefully they added a little sunshine during an otherwise chilly/dreary March.



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