Outdoor Bridal Shower

I have been so excited to share pictures of one of my favorite parties I’ve thrown. I get it…some of you may be asking yourselves ‘Haley, I thought this was cookie blog. Why are you blogging about a party?’ My answer to that is that this is my blog and I can do with it as I please :) I promise that there are lots of pictures of cute monogrammed sugar cookies, mini cupcakes, trifles and mini strawberry pies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

First up is the decor. I realized that making a great atmosphere outside would be difficult, but then I stumbled across this awesome idea from the Ruffled blog. Seriously one of the easiest projects of this entire party. My husband drilled two 2×4’s into the back of it and attached them to a plywood base that sat under the tablecloth.


On another table were custom made postcards asking each guest for their thoughts on where the soon-to-be-wed couple should go on their honeymoon.

Next to those were homemade lavendar rosemary salt scrubs with a sign saying ‘From Our Shower to Yours’.


I’m also semi-obsessed with custom bamboo silverware for parties. One of my favorite resources is Sucre Shop. Unfortunately I couldn’t find what I wanted and even though I had an option to order custom made ones, I figured I could find a cheaper alternative. I purchased gold dot washi tape from Amazon along with blank bamboo knives, forks and mini spoons. I came across this super creative idea from this cutsy blog The Merry Thought. I think they turned out really cute and I came in on budget with these too!

Last, but certainly not least are the custom made bag boards. I can’t take any credit for these. It all goes to the maid of honor. She and her husband are incredibly crafty people! We had a Bridal Bracket tournament where people were paired up and played each other in bocce or bags throughout the party.


Ok now we’ll get to the food and drink! First up is the champagne bar. I made sure there were drink recipes printed and framed on the table for people to follow otherwise they were free to make whatever they wanted.







It’s food time! I searched high and low for items that wouldn’t go bad outside in the July heat (and trust me it was a warm one!)

Here is what my menu consisted of:
Mini black bean cakes with an avocado topping
Mozzarella and pesto stuffed Campari tomatoes
Pesto chicken stuffed phyllo cups
Mediterranean orzo salad
Strawberry, walnut and feta salad with balsamic dressing
Mediterranean turkey sliders

I’m happy to report that nothing melted! But keep in mind that when adding the avocado topping to the black bean cakes, make sure to add lemon and lime juice to ensure that it doesn’t brown.





Alright I saved the best (my favorite) for last. It’s dessert time!!

The melt-proof dessert menu consisted of:
Monogrammed cookies
Mini trifles
Mini chocolate cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream
Mini strawberry pies

After looking at this menu…I may have to finally admit I have a mini dessert obsession.





I was honored to be able to host this bridal shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends. It was an amazing day filled with tons of laughter and love!




2 thoughts on “Outdoor Bridal Shower

  1. AAAMAZING! Unreal! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the favors! Such a cute idea! And to not pre-pour the champagne cocktails, but leave it to them with recipe options is such a great idea! Gorgeous! Stunning! Delicious! Congrats Mrs. Dunn! Xo.

  2. OMG Haley, you ARE the martha stewart of MKE!!! How absolutely divine. I can’t even imagine how you pull that all together. Thank you for hosting such a beautiful party.

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