Cake Inspired Cookies

I love Instagram. I am constantly checking it for newly filtered photos and cookie decorating ideas. One of my favorite people to follow is sweetnsaucyshop. I live vicariously though her. Not only does she live in California (beats our Wisconsin weather hands down) but she owns an amazing bakery with some of the most stunning cakes and confections. This bakery as well as others have me obsessing over the ruffled look. Here’s what I’m talking about.



I watched a few tutorials on how to make them for cakes and I figured it would be just as easy to translate that to a cookie.

Use a #103 tip with a pale pink royal icing. The royal icing should be very stiff. If you’re looking for a good tutorial on royal icing consistency, make sure to check out Sweet Sugarbelle’s Icing Lecture. I flooded the cookie with a white base first, but you could easily do it without. Make sure the small end of the tip is towards the top and start slowing moving it back and forth to make the ruffle. This is such an easy cookie and it looks beautiful!


Next up are rosettes. I was inspired by another beautiful cake and knew I could replicate it onto a cookie.


You will want a stiff royal icing for this as well. Using an Ateco #133 start in the middle of the cookie. In a circular pattern, move outwards towards the edges and you’re good to go!


Lastly is the quilted look.


For this cookie you’ll want a medium consistency icing. Sweet Sugarbelle would call it a 20 second icing (in case any of you actually read through that entire lecture). Using a #2 tip, begin by creating small linked squares.


Allow that to dry for at least 30 minutes. Once dried, go back and fill in the remaining squares and allow that to dry for at least another 30 minutes. Go back later and add in the small dots. It’s an easy technique and creates a great look.



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