Dove Tutorial

I realize this post is a little late, but I figured if I got this published before the holidays officially ended that you all would forgive me. I have a quick tutorial on doves for you all. They are simple to execute so if you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of cookie decorating, this tutorial might be the best one to do it for.

Here’s what you’ll need:
white 20 second icing
stiff white icing
white nonpareils
stiff grey icing
#3 piping tip
#1 piping tip

You will start out by outlining and flooding the cookie in white royal icing using your #3 piping tip.


Let that dry for a few hours. Next, you’ll take your stiff white icing fitted with a #2 tip and outline the wings. Immediately dip the cookie into the nonpareils.


Lastly take your grey icing with a #1 tip and add in the eyes. That’s all you have to do to make these adorable cookies. Enjoy!



Truck with Tree Tutorial

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. For the first time in years we received a lot of snow in our neck of the woods so it was a nice way to get in the holiday spirit. Seeing as I was either shoveling or decorating cookies in the weeks leading up to the holidays, I have lots of fun upcoming cookie tutorials so get ready! First one up is a pick up truck with a tree. I found this a few months back and knew it would have to be a tutorial. Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:
red 20 second icing
grey 20 second icing
green 20 second icing
white stiff icing
white nonpareils
food marker
#3 tip
#2 tip

First you’ll want to take your food marker and outline the shape of the truck as well as the round shape of the wheels and truck window.


Next, you’ll take your red 20 second icing with a #3 tip and outline and flood the truck. Let that dry for at least 2 hours. Come back with your green 20 second icing and #3 tip and fill in the tree area.


Let that dry overnight. The next day you’ll take your stiff white icing with a #3 tip and draw snow onto the tree. While the icing is still wet, dip your cookie into the nonpareils and the result will be a really cool texture to the cookie!



Lastly fill in the remaining details of the wheels, front and rear bumper and door handle with your grey icing outfitted with a #2 tip. Make sure to use the white icing to fill in the window as well. That’s it! Super easy with adorable results!


Spooky Apothecary Labels

If you remember from my earlier post, I made a prediction that my new plaque cutters would be making quite a few appearances over the next several months. Well…..I’m happy to announce that I’ve followed through on that promise. Here is a tutorial on spooky Halloween apothecary labels.

I’m introducing a new technique with this cookie design today. I read a few blogs and tutorials on creating the vintage look with cookies and the consensus was that it was difficult to get the right look on the first attempt. I was a bit nervous but figured I would give it a try. I’m happy to announce that they turned out great ( or maybe it was just a fluke?) Either way I encourage you to give this a try!

Ok so here’s what you’ll need:

Juniper green royal icing fitted with a #3 tip
Black icing fitted with a #1 tip
Food safe paint brush
Black gel food color
Small dish with water

The first thing you’ll want to do is outline and flood your plaque cookies with the green icing. Once that’s dried (for at least 2 hours of preferably overnight) you’ll want to get your painting station set up. Make sure it looks something like this:


You will first dip your brush in the water. Gently dab any excess off on the paper towel. Dip the edge of the paintbrush in the gel food color and once again dab any excess off on the towel. Start by lightly brushing the edges of the cookie. I usually do half of the cookie at a time to ensure the color doesn’t dry on me.


Next take the brush and dip it in the water. Dab it on the towel and start blending. It’s hard to explain so hopefully these pictures will do. In all honesty, just start with large brush strokes and if it looks like too much color on it still, just dip the brush in water, dab on the towel and blend again. It will help remove some of the color so you have more control over it.



After you’ve let that dry for a while, take your black icing fitted with a #1 tip and do whatever spooky lettering you want. I love the idea of these vintage apothecary labels but you can do whatever you want!

I made two color versions of this cookie. One with a gold flood color and then I antiqued it with an ivory gel color. The greenish cookies were my favorite though. Just mix juniper green gel coloring with some ivory and you can get this moldy green color. Also, did you notice my fingernail polish matches the cookie? Not intentional but kind of an awesome coincidence.